Book any existing listed café or restaurant for as much days as you like. The selected place will be closed for public and open exclusively for your employees from 10.00 to 17.00. During these days your employees can work, team‐up, meet, and enjoy here. In addition, presentations and celebrations can be organized. Maximum synergy for a minimum of effort. Your company pays a simple booking fee per day and the hot and cold beverages during the day. We recommend you pay the lunches partly for your employees to attract your people with a no‐brainer. No hustle, just book and invite your people. We take care of the rest.

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Once a week, twice a month, just sometimes…You decide when and how often. For meetings, group work, individual work or special occasions. If you have any questions, ask our support team


The listed places are all checked on great coffee, tasty lunches, friendly personel and proper seatings.


Book your Team Work Café for a simple booking fee and offer your employees hot and cold beverages. Choose whether you want to pay for their lunches, or do a half half, your employees will be delighted!


No complications, nothing to take care of, nothing to worry about. Just book and invite your employees!

Team Work Cafe Video

Listen how the employees, the owner and the booking manager review their Team Work Café

AvroTros, a Dutch television company, booked Team Work Café ‘Paisan’ in Hilversum NL for several Mondays in a row. We asked the users, the restaurant owner and the manager who booked the place about their experiences and in which way it contributed to their work processes and overall happiness.

Great way to get connected with my colleagues

Our meetings became more creative, open‐minded and fun


Laura Karam

Head of operations

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Marit Willems

Support agent

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Elaine Keet

Suppor agent

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Need help to find Your ideal Team Work Café?

As a professional, your time is precious. Let our support team search on your behalf and find the perfect place matching your exact requirements. Connect with one of our support experts to receive a personal consultation on which Team Work Café would suit your company best. For general information, a site visit or any inquiry, contact our global number or send an e‐mail:

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Peter Kelly
Café owner

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Jim Duckworth
Company booker



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